Samsung And LG To Supply iPad 3 Panels? [Report]

Samsung And LG To Supply iPad 3 Panels? [Report]

As the (rumored) iPad 3 launch in March comes closer and closer, excitement is increasing as each day passes by. The rumor mill is going mad with news of leaked parts and release dates.

Just a few days ago, there were rumours that some iPad 3 parts have been leaked, and manufacturers like Pegatron are receiving orders to start iPad 3‘s production.

But now, the news that has come is pretty different. Get to know what it is after this jump.

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It is reported that Samsung and LG would be developing the display panels for the iPad 3 instead of Sharp Electronics who failed to pass Apple’s approval process for mass production.

According to them,

Sharp has competed with Samsung Electronics and LG Display over the development of display panels for the iPad 3, but reportedly failed to pass Apple’s approval process for mass production. Sharp has worked on developing high resolution panels on the basis of oxide semiconductor TFTs.

These displays will be 4 times better than the display of the iPad 2 having XQGA(2048×1536) resolution.

Apple is expecting to have 65 million of these displays developed in 2012. So at the time of the launch, atleast 5-10 million will be ready.

It looks like Apple is on time with Pegatron starting production of iPad 3 parts, and Samsung and LG now starting to develop display panels for iPad 3. If these rumours are true, we could well see Q1 launch of the iPad 3.