Solar Cells Can Improve Smartphone Battery Life [RESEARCH]

Solar Cells Can Improve Smartphone Battery Life [RESEARCH]

Almost every smartphone currently available in the market have battery problems, even the iPhone 4S is being targeted for it’s very-short battery life. On heavy use, smartphone battery barely lasts a day, while tablets have a record of lasting only 7-10 hours, because of their giant-high resolution screens — Is their a solution for increasing these lousy battery lives of smartphones and tablets? It seems like there is!

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Ahnood, a UK based research firm, discovered that by using solar cells, battery life can considerably improved. They used solar cells to save the energy wasted by OLED displays. Basically, only 36% of the light produced by smartphones, is used by it’s OLED display, while the rest is wasted and leaked through edges.

Ahnood used solar cells placed underneath the display panel to surround the edges. They save the wasted light and re-used it, thereby saving the battery power of the smartphone.

This method is (currently) not able to save a lot — as this system has a peak efficiency of just 18%, but it is expected to go up with time.

Would you like to squeeze a few more hours out of your smartphone’s battery with this technology? Let us know in comments.

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