New Malware Attack May Have Infected Millions Of Android Users

New Malware Attack May Have Infected Millions Of Android Users

Now, there has been a scare spread across all Android users. New malicious codes are said to hit more than five million Android phone users across the world, creating a threat to there security.

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According to Symantec, there are thirteen applications, coming from three different developers, that collect data and run a few activities within the phone and the worst part is-the user does not even get to know about it. Users can’t even guess about the apps that are among those thirteen, as some of them are even available on the Android Market.

No doubt, this has been the biggest security threat to Android users till date. Here’s the list of apps to watch out for: Counter Elite Force, Counter Strike Ground Force, CounterStrike Hit Enemy, Heart Live Wallpaper, Hit Counter Terrorist, Stripper Touch Girl, Balloon Game, Deal & Be Millionaire, Wild Man, Pretty women lingerie puzzle, Sexy Girls Photo Game, Sexy Girls Puzzle and Sexy Women Puzzle. Don’t just look out for these apps, make sure the apps that you download are not from iApps7, Ogre Games and redmicapps. These are the three develops that have apparently spread those malicious codes to unsuspecting Android users.

If you are one of those who downloaded any of the above mentioned apps, better get rid of them before it is too late. We just hope Google takes some action zoo to remove these apps from the android market and also those three developers who released those suspicious apps in the market.

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