Mimbo: An Easy To Create Robot Which Mimics Your Emotions

Mimbo: An Easy To Create Robot Which Mimics Your Emotions 1

Like making your own electronic devices, or a robot? Then, you might be pleased to meet Mimbo over here, the robot which mimics your emotions.

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 This “serious” looking robot over here, is only looking serious cause the person standing in front of it is pretending to be serious.

Like robots and can’t afford those high-cost robots? Then this one is surely for you. His face is composed of four LEDs for eyes, an empty label eyelid and a mouth made from a multifader, all created using TouchOSC and a single sheet of cardboard. Mimbo uses a facial recognition software to recognize the expressions of the person standing infront of it, and mimics them. Make a funny face, it will too, pretend to be serious, it will too! So you can have a lot of fun with this Mr.Robot over here.

Having trouble deciding whether you want to make this friendly little robot or not? Then you can see a short demo of it in action.

It uses FaceOSC software for facial recognition. For making your own Mimbo, you can hit the source link given below. You will find the steps required for making a Mimbo their.

[via Instructables]