Microsoft’s kinect, the famous motion sensor for Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox 360, has had quite a success since it’s launch back in November 2010. Not just quite, but it has also been the fastest selling “consumer electronic device” of all time with nearly 10 million sales in the first 60 days only. And now, Microsoft is aiming even higher, it is bringing Kinect to Windows.

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On Monday, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer announced that Kinect, the gesture-recognition technology, will be coming to Windows. The date announced for Kinect’s official release for Windows is set for February 1.

There is no news on what Kinect for Windows would look like or how will it operate. And neither did Balmer decide to elaborate about it, keeping it hidden until the official launch.

So with Kinect, one will probably be able to operate a whole PC without a mouse or a keyboard. One thing is sure, this is the future of computing — and we are slowly edging towards it.

What do you think of Kinect coming to Windows platform, will it make you abandon your keyboard and mouse or not?

Update: Kinect for Windows is now available on Amazon for $249.99 — $100 more than the xbox 360 version.