LG has been on the forefront of the TV business in the past few days, unveiling absolutely brilliant OLED and LED TVs and now at CES 2012, the company has came up with the next big thing. It has announced the giant 84-Inch HDTV featuring voice recognition and 3D gesture control.

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So you can either use voice recognition or a 3D gesture interface to enable gaming, search, talk to it, and even make gestures to command it.

This device is an “ultra resolution” TV with a 1 mm bezel. Along with this 84 inch model, a 60 and 55 inch one will also be available.

It is probably the first real smart TV, as it also incorporates a smart TV browser that supports HTML5 as well as Smart Share Plus with Wi-Fi, which will let you watch what’s on your TV directly on a mobile device. Apart from all, developers can also make apps for this.

So this is more like a thin, giant-sized, ultra-resolution tablet with smart TV capabilities than a standard TV.

This is surely a dream thing to have.