“If I Die” App Allows You To Post Message On Facebook After You Die

Do you want to let your Facebook friends know that you are dead? There is an app for that.

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If I Die is a handy little app developed by Willook, an Israel-based firm, that allow Facebook users to post a message/video on their  profiles after there deaths.

Your life story, a secret you haven’t shared before or even a will.

How To Setup?

Just install the app on your Facebook account and record a secret message or a video which no one will know until you are dead — not even the app developers. Then you have to choose three trustees (friends or relatives), who will confirm that you are dead. Note that your message/video will only be posted on your profile if the selected trustees confirm your death.

As told by CEO of Willook, Eran Alfonta, this idea came to him after his friends had a car accident which could have resulted in their death.

We all have things to say and don’t necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us.
They stopped aside and drank water and relaxed and started speaking between themselves: ‘Oh my God, what would happen to the kids if something happened to me?

Installation Link:

Follow this link to install If I Die app. It’s safe, it’s simple and it’s life after death!