iOS 5 features are enough to make an average user happy, but there are some drawbacks too. For instance, the download options in the native mail app and Safari only provide you with some basic options, like saving an image to camera roll, which is what most users want, but not all of them.

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If you tap and hold an image to download, you only get one option to shift it to the camera roll. But a little tweak called iEagleEye can get you tons of options like,

  • To search for the original source of any picture.
  • Discover image duplicates, or similar images from around the web.(the same way as the Google Image search functions)
  • View the EXIF/XMP metadata of the image.
  • Google search by image which is normally disabled on mobile devices.
  • TinEye (reverse image search service).
  • Jeffrey’s Exif viewer (only available if the image in question has EXIF/XMP data).
  • ImgOps (image operation meta tool).
  • The ability to copy image URL or open that in a new tab

And whats more, you can also tweak with the additional settings and options through the new settings option. Take a look at the screenshot of the new options made available through this tweak.

iEagleEye,iEagleEye,Tweak,Jailbreak tweak,download options,image download,iOS tweak

This tweak is especially for those Hardcore iOS users who receive or need to download a lot of  images, and need to have a full list of options related to them must. If you are interested in this, then look no further as this app is available on the BigBoss repo via Cydia for a reasonable price of just $0.99.

Note: You must have a jailbroken iOS device.