Interesting Facts About Apple’s Billions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Interesting Facts About Apple's Billions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Its not hidden from anyone that Apple Inc. is making huge profits. Every time you see their quarterly reports, you would always find an increased revenue figure. Ever wondered how do they do this?

As per the recent quarterly report released, the profit figure of Apple Inc. is shown to be $13.6 billion. In an interview, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said that they are quite fascinated with the outstanding profits that they have made, thanks to the great sales of iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. And what’s more interesting to note is the fact that these sales figures are sure to increase in coming time after the release of iPad 3 and iPhone 5.

Just to visualize about how much profit does Apple make, it is almost equivalent to clear off the public debt of as much as eight European countries-Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus and Luxemburg.

Furthermore, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, was named as the highest-paid CEO across the globe, earning $378 million in the previous year. Compare the profits of Apple with Walmart and you’ll notice that the former is making about four times more profit than the latter, who is the world’s largest retailer.

Here’s another one-what if apple decides to pile out all its cash sharing it among its staff members? Everyone would receive a whooping $6,622,516. Furthermore, it is expected that the company would make about $400 billion of profit after the launch of iPhone 5. That’s enough to cover about 42% of the United States.

The inforgraphic here shows some facts that are enough to spin everyone’s heads. It won’t be long when Apple would own the entire planet one day. May be, they’ll build their own space ship one day and expand their business up to Mars. Or may be, some day we’ll hear about Apple creating its own Moon. Well, there seems to be no end to the profit figure that Apple is making. It’s even difficult to guess how much money is being transferred to the company’s bank accounts.

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[via MBAOnline]