Facebook Developers: The Making Of Facebook Timeline [VIDEO]

Facebook Developers: The Making Of Facebook Timeline [VIDEO]

Know Facebook Timeline? Surely you do, if you know what the Facebook is. For those who were living on a hidden island or something, Facebook Timeline is the completely new way of viewing a profile page. Facebook fully redefined the user profiles and derived it from scratch. Introduced on 22 September in f8 2011, it got publicly released to the whole world in the last couple of months of 2011. Timeline took quite a few time to be designed. According to Facebook developers, it took nearly 6 months and four separate teams to put it together. They have described the making of timeline in a post on Facebook, in which they mention about how “Timeline” came into being.

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According to Ryan Mack, an infrastructure engineer,

Timeline isn’t just a bold new look for Facebook­—it’s also the product of a remarkably ambitious engineering effort

Folks over at Mashable have made a video of it, so if you aren’t in the mood of reading, then thank them and just watch the video below:

But if you want to go into details of this, then you got to read all the stuff. Just click the link given below for reading all about the making of timeline. [Building Timeline: Scaling Up To Hold Your Life Story]