Apple Vs Apples: Which One Wins? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple Vs Apples: Which One Wins? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Heard of Apple? The Cupertino based richest company of the world? You probably do, if you haven’t been living in a cave. Have you ever compared Apple with the real fruit on which it is named?

The chances are that you have. If you haven’t, don’t worry, as people at MBA Online have put together an infographic to compare Apple, the company with the real fruit, Apple.

It is a comparison between the total weight of the products from both side sold, as well as the money each brings in and some other interesting facts. It will be no surprise that the real fruit Apple beats all the devices from Apple Inc. in weight (71 million vs. 138,000 tons). But the surprising thing is the products from Apple bring in more money than all the Apple fruits in the world, $32 billion vs. $30 billion.

Confused much? No problem, just have a brief look at the infographic below, and you will get everything.

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