Perhaps Apple is the company on which the whole rumor mill circulates. Consequently, Apple is also the company, whose most products leak before launch and news of it’s media events are leaked too. This time, it is reported that people close to Apple have spilled the beans on it, revealing that the company is holding a media-related event that will happen in New York City in the end of January.

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Don’t get too excited Apple fans. This event is neither for an iPad 3(which tends to leak parts each day) or an Apple Tv or any other television or product Apple is to bring in 2012.

As suggested by All Things D,

Several sources underscored that the event is not related to an upcoming version of the iPad 3, the next iteration of the popular tablet device that many expect to be available in 2012.

Also unlikely, the rollout of Apple’s large-scale rethinking of the interactive television initiative that it has been working on. While the company is expected to launch a new Apple TV product later in 2012, such an event would almost certainly be held in the heart of the industry in Hollywood or at least in Silicon Valley.

And nor would be Tim Cook (the current CEO of Apple) on the stage to brief the audience of whatever-their-event-is-about, but Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue will reportedly be in attendance.

Cue is in charge of a large swath of Apple’s media units, including the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, as well as iAd and its iCloud services

So if he really is the one to attend the audience, than our guess is that the main aim of the event would be about the company’s newly launched iCloud or the iBookstore.

Lets wait and see of what the tech-giant does, as the end of January isn’t far enough!