Android vs iOS – Security Test [INFOGRAPHIC]

Android vs iOS - Security Test [INFOGRAPHIC] 1

The 2 most popular smartphone OSs in the market are Android and iOS. These two are the worst enemies of each other, with patent wars going on with lawsuits from each sides. Today, we have brought an infographic for our readers which depicts how secure these operating systems are!

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If you have been following tech news, you may know that Google and Apple both released a new version of their OSs recently. Apple named it iOS 5, and Google named its Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich.

There has been news about the security of smartphones, especially those running on Android. Recently, security research firm, Veracode have produced an very interesting infographic which highlights some important and interesting security comparison between the two operating systems. Take a look!

Note: Want a bigger look at this infographic, just click the source link given below.

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So which one do you prefer? Android or iOS?

[via Veracode]