85% Of All Android Devices Run On Either Froyo Or Gingerbread

85% Of All Android Devices Run On Either Froyo Or Gingerbread 1

The main problem that Android has is the number of different Android versions installed on different Android devices. Even though ICS (Ice Cream Sandwhich) got introduced in October, but still only a few devices will make it to ICS. As some low end Android phones can not run the heavy ICS OS.

This is what distinguishes Android from iPhone. As for now, around 85% of all Android devices run Froyo or Gingerbread.

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According to latest data provided by Android Developers, Android 2.1 Eclair has 8.5% of Android usage, while all the previous Android versions occupy only 2%. Moreover, Android 2.3 or Gingerbread accounts for most Android devices which is almost 54.9% while Android 2.2(better known as Froyo) accounts for 30.4% of all Android devices. And the rest of the 15% is occupied by ICS and Honeycomb. My own Android runs Froyo.

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Although some of the latest Android devices (both tablets and smartphones) are coming with ICS support, but still it creates a big discrimination between users.

We hope that Google standardizes a single OS in a few years, so this kind of technical divide is finished between Android users.

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