Use GrowlNotifier To Send iOS Notifications Directly To Your Mac

Use GrowlNotifier To Send iOS Notifications Directly To Your Mac 1

Each day, Cydia turns up with another useful little tweak, making our iPhone-ic lives more easy, convenient and completely under our control. And yes, we have found another wonderful little tweak hidden in Cydia. It is called GrowlNotifier.


This app will prove to be absolutely brilliant to you when you are using your Mac and you can’t keep your iOS device near you. What this app does is that it sends your messages coming to your iOS device, directly to your Mac which has Growl installed in it, keeping you undisturbed while you are while you are busy on your Mac.

Here is what the developers of Growl say about it,

Growl is the is ultimate notification system for the Mac.  It’s the easiest way to know what is going on with other applications while you are working on something else.

Also check out the list of the things Growl can do,

  • Personalize your notifications. Choose Growl’s presentation, look and feels.
  • Keeps working even when you are not. Come back to your mac and review what happened while you were gone with Rollup.
  • Easy to use Applications tab for controlling what you receive and what gets blocked.
  • Speech display for hearing your notifications, great for those who are visually impaired.
  • Awesome notification history, so you can see what has been going on.
  • A large variety of styles come with Growl. Anything from nano which is tiny, to music video which is huge.
  • Make your own Growl styles very easily with web technology to give Growl your own look and feel.
  • Send Growl notifications from Cocoa, AppleScript, or over the network.
  • Networking so that two or more macs can forward notifications to each other.
  • Can work with the iPhone and iPad via Prowl.



So what do you have to do in order to get this gorgeous app? Well, as you might have guessed, the Growl app for Mac will not come for free. You can get it from this Mac App Store link for $1.99. That is not expensive at all when you look at the cool things it can do.
While, the iOS app of Growl called GrowlNotifier can be installed for free. It is located in the BigBoss repo, just search for it in Cydia and you’ll find it there waiting for you.

So what do you think about this app? Will you install it?

Note: Your iPhone must be jailbroken in order to use this tweak.

[via iJailbreak]