Toyota Fun-Vii: A Futuristic Concept Car That Is A ‘Smartphone On Four Wheels’

Toyota Fun-Vii: A Futuristic Concept Car That Is A 'Smartphone On Four Wheels' 1

“Smart” is the trend of what all the commodities are following- sleeky, stylish and tech–conscious.

Mobility of info is taken care of by mobiles and tablets whereas that of real humans isn’t imaginable without vehicles. But vehicles now are dressing up as smart phone and that too quite literally.

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Toyota, to show how far they are going to take the top slot in the automotive industry and their preparations for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, unveiled a futuristic concept car ‘Fun Vii’ having the outlook of a smartphone.

This “smartphone on four wheels” as described by the president Toyota, is actually smart with touch panel doors. The doors enable its drivers to communicate with dealers and others outside its intra-sphere. It works in the same way as personal computers.

By the leaps Toyota is showing, one can expect Tokyo Motor Show to witness great attraction towards Toyota’s booth. Along with the Fun Vii, they have also planned to show case an Electric vehicle expected to release next year, as well as a mini version of Pirus- the gas electric hybrid car.

The electric vehicle termed as FT EV III has been designed for short domestic trips such as for buying groceries or other work commutes. It is still a concept and in its test stages and doesn’t have a price yet. One full charge optimizes this vehicle to run sixty five miles i.e. 105 kilometers.

Toyota Fun-Vii,toyota,concept cars,cars,automotive,smartphone,smartphones,electric cars,best electric cars

‘Aqua’ is the name given to the new hybrid car (for the market of Japan, Pirus outside it). The car will be in the markets of Japan by the end of this year while dates are to be decided for overseas release.

U.S and European Automotive companies look up to China and Japan as the regions of greater potential. This show holds importance for them to observe the recent advancement in the industry.

With sales stagnant in home market for years, followed by the jerk of earthquake and Tsunami affecting parts supplies in the shocks hit areas and leaving the companies to cut short on their productions: things haven’t been good with Japan’s Auto motives industry lately.

Even this year. The Japan’s automobiles manufactures Association has forecasted decrease in the demands for passenger vehicles in Japan from 3.78 million to 3.58 million. Expert analyzers of Auto motives believe that fuel efficient hybrid motors will be in demand next year and Toyota seems to have a bright future.

They are of the opinion that the biggest hurdle of cost can only be overcome by producing more units and Toyota has an edge on its rivals as it has more hybrid models in the market already. The Japanese based company has already sold 3.4 million hybrid vehicles all over the world while Honda Motors follows the line with 770,000 sold units to its credit.

Talking of fuel efficient vehicles, Toyota again takes the lead by planning to introduce fuel cell concept vehicle FCV-R in the above discussed show. Though quite efficient in working as they have zero-emissions and run on hydrogen, but seem impractical for now because of high prices. Toyota has planned it for 2015 and denies any rumors about FCV-R being impractical in any way without disclosing its cost.

In Toyota they believe that “cars must appeal to appeal to our emotions” as they say “waku waku doki doki”. Their productions seem to be on the same lines too.

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