Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2012 1

2011 brought a bunch of absolutely brilliant game titles with it, which broke a big number of records. For example, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 became the fastest selling game of all time with nearly 6.5 million sales in just 24 hours, and generated $400 million dollar for Activision. So what do you think the games in 2012 would bring? Well, we have put together a list of Top 10 most anticipated game of 2012.

Lets see what the game developers have got to entertain us in 2012!

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 10. Need For Speed: [Whatever It Will Be Named]

Need For Speed

Although the Need For Speed was a big hit a couple of years ago, but slowly its popularity has died out as competitors caught up with it. But it still has enough fans for EA to keep developing it! So we have included it in our top 10 most anticiapted games of 2012, as EA may likely bring back the glory with another huge successor to the Need For Speed series.

Be ready to feel the speed and fun of the game, as you venture in the world of racing, challenging different cars.

9. The Last Guardian [PlayStation Only]

This is a game which will only be available for Sony’s PlayStation, so sorry for other console users. A few days ago, the rumor spread that this game was going to be cancelled, but Sony has now confirmed that it will be released in 2012.

The Last Guardian‘s story is of a yet-to-be-named boy who is trying to escape from a setting resembling the ruins of a large expansive castle. The game will revolve around the developing friendship between the boy and a giant, feathered creature resembling a griffin named Trico.

You like the trailer? Then hang on, as it is coming soon in 2012.

8. Halo 4

Luckily, we also have the trailer of this game so no wait to have a glimpse at the next title of the Halo trilogy. Microsoft announced the development of Halo 4 at E3 2011, as the first entry in a new Halo trilogy. This trilogy has been announced to be called the Reclaimer Trilogy.

Halo 3 was a huge hit, and this one is hoped to be too, so start waiting for the next one in the Halo series.

7. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is the third title in the series, and is being by developed by Irrational Games for a 2012 release. The story does not continues the story of the previous game, and takes place at a earlier period with a different plot.

The player assumes the identity of Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former agent of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, who was dismissed for behavior beyond the acceptable bounds of the Agency. He is hired by mysterious individuals, aware of Columbia’s location, and tasked to infiltrate the air-city and rescue a young woman named Elizabeth, who has been held aboard the air-city for the last twelve years.

The story is pretty complex and has many turns in it. The player would have to keep up with the story if he wants to continue playing it.

6. Fifa 13

Fifa 13,fifa, ea sports Fifa 13,easports Fifa 13,Fifa

EA Sports has been pretty successful with its Fifa series, especially with Fifa 12, in which it completely redefined the game. So Fifa 13 would likely keep the glory of its predecessor with better gameplay and graphics.

Lets hope Electronic Arts doesn’t disappoint.

5. Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games, the multi-billion games publisher, is trying to get back the old glory of the Max Payne series with Max Payne 3. Remember the days, when Max Payne was the most preferred third-person shooter? Well now is the time for Rockstar to introduce a successor to the Max Payne series.

The game(as shown in the trailer) has great reflexes and graphics, and allows a player to fire while jumping or diving too. The AI in the game is pretty good too, making it a perfect shooter game!

This game is hoped to land in March 2012.

4. Infinity Blade III [iOS Only]

Infinity Blade,Infinity Blade game

The Infinity Blade series has been a gold mine for Chair Entertainment Group, LLC and is easily the best game in iOS with absolutley brilliant graphics. The second game in the series, Infinity Blade II has also continued to be the best game for iOS and was claimed the IGN game of 2011 (We also mentioned it in our list of top 10 iOS games of 2011). Now, the Infinity Blade fans are waiting for the third title in the series.

We hope that Chair Entertainment Group, LLC continues to create a great game as the third title in the Infinity Blade series.

3. Mass Effect 3

Developed by BioWare and published by EA, this game has spread to become one of the most anticipated game of 2012 and is hoped to arrive on March 6, 2012 as the final chapter of the trilogy of Mass Effect video games.

The story begans after Commander Shepard’s on Earth for trial as a result of events from the Mass Effect 2 DLC pack Arrival. During the trial, Earth is attacked by Reapers. Faced with insurmountable odds, Shepard is forced to flee the planet in order to gather support from alien civilizations and mount a counter-attack while also having to deal with Cerberus, who have decided to turn against him. It is possible for Shepard to lose to the Reapers.

Lets see how the Mass Effect triology ends.

2. Call Of Duty: [Whatever It Will Be Named]

Call Of Duty,cod,Call Of Duty

The Call Of Duty series has had a great year, with its Modern Warfare 3 title. As we mentioned above it became the fastest selling game of all time with nearly 6.5 million sales in just 24 hours, and generated $400 million dollar for its developer, Activision. And it doesn’t look like that Activision can be stopped from making a better and more successful title.

So get ready to get yourself whooped in the next first-person shooter from Activision!

1. Grand Theft Auto V

This one seriously doesn’t need any introduction. But for those who have opened their browser for the first time after months, Rockstar Games introduced the successor to GTA IV on 2nd November 2011, the GTA V. The trailer(above) shows that this one will feature a different city, will have beautiful sceneries and possibly players would also be able to fly planes(as there is a glimpse of an plane in the trailer).

Every gamer has played (even if only 1 title of) the GTA series, as everyone likes it because of its free roaming capability. You can roam around the whole GTA world without being bothered by restrictions, wreak havoc, fight with police, steal people’s money and even kill them, and that is what a gamer likes.

So you ready for the next title of the GTA series?


Far Cry 3

The fans of the games from Ubisoft with lush and vibrant jungle environments and personified cast of alluring characters, hold your breath tight and pull up your socks, because 2012 the company is again going to rock you with the sequel of second sequel of the original game: far cry 3. The announcement was made by the company during their E3 press conference.

Twisted Metal

A classic car combat designed and simulated by David Jaffe is the next in stock. Jaffe has proved himself to be the best when it comes to simulating gameplay and making it fun to the highest imaginable extent.

Though the combat is going to be the latest version of the one released so many years ago for the play station but with better features and support for PS3. The game is expected to engage the gamers in itself and provide them with the fun they are looking for with its inventive multiplayer modes and other innovations for you guys to discover.


The game is the very first independent venture of Insomniac; independent from the Sony co. with which it used to collaborate before. Though the info about the game’s gameplay is yet to come out, but the track record of the developing team is way too good to drag people to stores. Their previous work on the franchise like Resistance and Ratchet has elucidated one thing that they are the best when it comes to design game weapons and resources. Overstrike is also expected to come up with the most innovative guns and shooters gamers have ever experienced.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2,Final Fantasy XIII-2 video game

Square has always been quite popular with gamers, but the Final Fantasy XIII was a disappointment. But hoping that the team at square has taken all the criticism they earned from their last venture, to heart, we can expect that they gain the confidence of their customers back from the direct sequel of Final Fantasy. Since the games of this genre are quite few and far between, if the things work out good for Square, the game can win a huge success for them.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Rising is out of news for quite some time now which is indeed alarming.MGS2 wasn’t really liked by the gamers for the characters feminine whim, but this transformation into a more macho sort of character in MGS4 made every one fall in love with the game and the Raiden himself the awesome combat system to butcher away enemies and the transformation of Raiden is something you should count on this game for.

The Last Guardian

Some developers are the reason why gaming isn’t just a kill time thing but much more than that. They go out of the way to put so much into the graphics, design and gameplay that earns them the respect of the professional gamers who deem the games worth their time. The team behind ICO and Shadow of Clossus is one of them. The team’s abilities to give realization to the story line and an emotional and mesmerizing touch is only their royalty. The Last Guardian holds great expectations of the gamer’s community.