Top 10 Most Anticipated Gadgets Of 2012

Top 10 Most Anticipated Gadgets Of 2012 1

2011 has been a long and eventful year, with great inventions like the iPad 2, Galaxy S II, iPhone 4S and many other great gadgets. And for 2012, even greater things are expected. We have come up with a list of the Top 10 most awaited devices of 2012. Check them out below.

1. iPhone 5

iPhone 5,apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 surely the most anticipated device of 2012. Although the iPhone 4S became a major hit with over a million sales on the first day only, but still a lot of people hung on for the iPhone 5. The reason for not buying the iPhone 4S being the unchanged design and same sized screen. It is hoped that this iPhone 5 will have a completely change design with an aluminium back, and a bigger 4 inch screen.

Lets hope Apple doesn’t disappoint its fans even a little bit this time.

2. iPad 3

iPad 3,apple ipad 3

If not the top awaited device of 2012, it is surely the second most awaited device for 2012. iPad 2 was met with a huge demand, and is still the king of tablets with 61.5% shares in the global tablet market. iPad 3 is hoped to boast a better or Quad Core processor, better resolution and a little thicker profile.

It is rumored, that this beauty would land around March sometime, so not much to wait.

3. Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III,Galaxy S III

After the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S lineup is the most popular one. Samsung sold around 10 million units of the Galaxy S II just in three months of it’s release, and it was the one of the fastest phone at the time of release. So many Android and Samsung fans are waiting for it.

There is no news of its release date or something, but keep a log on our site and we will keep you posted.

4. Successor To Xbox 360 (Xbox 720)

Xbox,Xbox 360,Xbox 720


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has had a long and successful life, and although it is still quite popular but now, it has almost completed its life cycle. And people are hoping that Microsoft finally updates its Xbox 360 lineup with more multimedia support and faster processor.

According to some resources, this game-machine will have an 8 core processor, 3D, 4K2K, multiTV (DPConnect), live TV and webcam, as well as GPS that allows users to view the location of any other user on an active map.

It is rumored, that Microsoft will probably release a successor to Xbox 360 in 2012.

5. Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U

Despite the success of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3, Nintendo has remained the king of all consoles with its Nintendo Wii. But still, in 2011 it has been losing its lead. The main reason being the less multmedia support of the Wii. So Nintendo introduced the new Nintendo Wii U, with more features and a new controller with a touch screen, 6 inches wide and contains a built-in microphone, speakers, gyroscope, accelerometer, rumble and camera.

It is the first console from Nintendo to produce 1080p high-definition graphics and is expected to be released sometime after March 2012.

6. PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita,PlayStation, ps vita,bota

Sony bagged the portable gaming industry with nearly 89 million sales of its PlayStation Portable. After that, Sony is looking to have a bang on the portable gaming industry with its PlayStation Vita. This one supports a Quad Core processor, touch screen, two analog sticks, a new design and 4-bit color with a resolution of 960 × 540 qHD and has pixel density of 220 ppi.

It was originally introduced at E3 2011 and has been released in Japan on 17th December but both in the US and UK have to wait as it got a bit delayed,and is now hoped to be released on FEB. 22, 2012(as Bestbuy predicts), so we have included it in our upcoming gadgets in 2012 list. Sony confirmed its price to be $250 so you will hopefully be able to pick it up on FEB. 22, 2012 for $250.

7. Quad Core Tablets And Smartphones

NVIDIA Tegra 3,NVIDIA Tegra 3 chips,processors

Until now, Dual-Core tablets and smartphones were the top line but not any more. NVIDIA introduced its NVIDI Tegra 3, being the first Quad-Core processor for a hand held device. ASUS jumped on the bandwagon, and introduced its ASUS Transformer Prime, becoming the first one to develop a Quad-Core tablet. It was simply blazing fast, and other tablet and smartphone manufacturers(HTC,Samsung,Acer,Toshiba)  are now getting ready to adopt it and move on to Quad-Core. So 2012 would likely be the year of Quad-Core devices.

8. MacBook Pro With Retina Display

MacBook Pro With Retina Display,apple MacBook Pro,MacBook

Another main thing, that people are expecting from Apple in 2012 is a MacBook Pro with Retina Display or pretty high resolution of 2880×1800. It was widely rumored a few days ago, and if these rumors are right, then surely we will see a release of MacBook Pro with Retina Display and a resolution of 2880×1800 in 2012.

Lets hope that these rumors are really true.

9. UltraBooks


Advanced and ultralight UltraBooks are also expected to arrive in 2012. ASUS, Samsung and Acer, all are constantly increasing the power of their ultrabooks and also decreasing their weight.

More advanced and light weight UltraBooks are another main thing, that are making people wait for 2012 more impatiently.

10. Apple HD TV

Apple HDTV,Apple HDTV,Apple TV

It really seems like our list is full of things from Apple. But we have to include them, as people are expecting a lot from the tech giant, Apple. Apple is expected to release(we must have said that half a dozen times) an HD TV in 2012 with much changes.

The HD-TV would come in 15 to 19-inch range powered by the company’s mobile operation system, iOS. Another feature of this TV would be play games as well as videos, run applications and providing you control over social networking sites, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+.