Top 10 Gifts To Give This Holiday

Top 10 Gifts To Give This Holiday 1

Just hours ago, we published an article about the top 5 worst gifts to give to a friend this holiday. Well now, we have a list of 10 gifts, that are a must-give to a friend if you are thinking of buying one. The good thing is that they are related to tech.

Check out the list below..

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On The Screen

1. The Ultimate Gift: SAMSUNG 55-INCH 1080P 3D LED HDTV ($3599.99)

Samsung-UN55D80001,samsung,samsung hdtv

This one is for those, who are not much concerned about money, but more about the luxuries. Ofcourse, it costs a lot, but looking at this dreamy 55-inch Tv is better than any other Tv. You have to only get your eyes on this piece of beauty before you start dreaming of it. And what is more, it is 3D and you will things just jumping on you.

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2. Toshiba 40-Inch Class, 1080p, 60Hz HDTV ($379.99)

Toshiba,Toshiba tv,Toshiba hdtv

Not going to go for our ultimate gift? No problem, as this Toshiba 40-Inch 1080p HDTV might do the trick for you. As this can easily satisfy you with its large 40-inch display. And this is a pretty decent Tv at a pretty decent price.

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Laptop Zone

3. Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Above $939.94)

Apple-MacBook-Air-11-inch,macbook air,apple macbook air

This one is the best choice for anyone who wants a computer that can keep up with all the requirements and still not take much space. The dreamy thin and ultraportable MacBook Air, really is a tech-lover’s dream. The thin profile covers up the lack of a bigger screen, and even if the lucky one you are gifting it to prefers a bigger screen, then you can even buy the 13-inch model. But this one is really great. If you have a good budget, and want to go for a good computer for your friend, then look no further.

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4. ASUS Laptop 14-inch With i7 processor ($799.99)

ASUS laptop,asus,laptop

If the guy you are gifting to wants a bigger screen and a better processor at a cheaper price, and also prefer windows over mac, then this is the best choice for you to buy. It is smart, it has a big screen, it is blazing fast and it is also on a price that can be affordable for most. Not a Mac fan? Then forget the MacBook Air and get this one at a much less price.

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Tablet Mania

5. iPad 2 16 GB (Wifi Only Version) ($499.99)

iPad 2,iPad 2,apple iPad 2

This one deserves no introduction. It has been the best selling tablet, best choice for tablet users and some E-readers as well. The brilliant 9.7 inch screen of the iPad 2, running iOS 5 accompanied by the best apps available in the App Store, can arguably be the best tablet for tablet lovers as well as e-book readers.

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6. ASUS Transformer Prime 32 GB ($499.99)

Asus-transformer-prime,Asus transformer prime,asus

We have got to mention that ASUS is really jumping on the bandwagon, with its products making way to be some of the best of year 2011. If this had not made its way to the market till now, we would have choosen the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as our favorite Android tablet for our gift list. But with this available, we have no choice, as with its absolutely astounding Super IPS+ Display(as ASUS calls it) and the Quad Core processor, it is an absolutely wonderful tablet. And whats more, the folks at ASUS have already demoed Ice Cream Sandwich running smoothly on it, so it could soon be making its way to the Transformer Prime. Even if the guy you are gifting it to is not a fan of tablets, he will still fall in love with this(atleast I would).

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Gaming Arena

7. PS3 160 GB Console With 3D Display, Glasses, Game & HDMI Cable Bundle ($599.99)

PS3 bundle,playstation 3,ps3

Though this might exceed some people’s range, but this is an extremely good bundle which is currently being offered by Bestbuy. You can save a $149.99 with this bundle and get a PS3 160 GB Console, a Sony 3D Display, 3D Glasses, HDMI Cable and a game for a total of just $599,99. Avail this deal now before it ends.

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8. Xbox 360 250 GB Modern Warfare 3 Limited Edition ($399.96)

Xbox 360 MW3 Limited Edition,xbox 360

The one you gifting to a hardcore gaming fan? If he is, then their is no better gift than gifting him this limited edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360. With this especially customized edition, you will also get two Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 controllers as well as a copy of the Modern Warfare 3. So even you can join your friend playing the Xbox 360 with those two controllers.

Planning to get this? Hurry up, this would’nt last long as there are millions of MW3 fans out their dying to get their hands on this beauty(Me for example) .

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9. Kindle Touch ($99.99)

Kindle Touch,kindle fire

This one is also a much known product of the e-book seller Amazon. It is of use to anyone, as almost everyone reads books, and e-book is better than normal book. Much less space taken, and not much money spent with Kindle.

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10. Mini IR Helicopter

ir-heli,ir helicopter,mini ir helicopter

And the last one is a cute little toy, which can be used for entertainment like waking up your roommate by making it fly through his window, or sending some notes to your friend living next doors. So, kids are not the only restriction for this. There are a ton of options available for this.

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What do you think, will you buy any of this stuff for a friend of yours?