Top 10 Android Games Of 2011

Top 10 Android Games Of 2011 1

Just a few days ago, we did a review of the Top 10 iOS games of 2011. Now we are moving up to review the Top 10 Android games of 2011. Keep reading to find out which Android games made it to our list.

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1. Angry Birds Rio [Free]

Angry Birds Rio,angry birds,

Angry Birds Rio made it to the top of our list with 10-50 million downloads. Although, we could have included other Angry Birds games also, but this one was released in 2011 so we will go with it. For those who have not played it, it is a Rio version of Angry Birds, in which you have to rescue the birds from Rio and get out of their!

From the developers,

What happens when everybody’s favourite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry!

Angry Birds fan or not, you have to play this game.

Download link for Angry Birds Rio. [Market link]

2. Grand Theft Auto III [$2.99]


BOOM! GTA III for Android is also available now. After its release just a few days ago, it has rocketed in its sales chart jumping onto above 100,000 apps sold. We also reviewed this in our Top 10 iOS games of 2011, and again we would say that this game needs no introduction. So just skip the introductory part of it.

You have the last chance of getting it today for $2.99, as it is a 40% off sale on it until December 29th.

Download link for GTA III. [Market link]

3. Fruit Ninja [Free]

Fruit Ninja,Fruit Ninja android,android Fruit Ninja

Hoo-yaa-hoo! Slash the fruits with your sharp blade in the Fruit Ninja game. This one is pretty popular too. In this game, you have to unlock a number of locked blades and maps and have to continue slashing fruits in three different modes — the Classic Mode, Arcade Mode and the Zen Mode. This one has over 10 million downloads.

From the developers,

Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. With three games modes in single player and worldwide leaderboards using Openfeint, the addictive gameplay will keep you coming back for even higher scores.

Download link for Fruit ninja[Free]. [Market link]

4. Cut The Rope [$0.99]

Cut the rope,Cut the rope android,android Cut the rope

This one is a cute little puzzle type game, in which you have to feed a tiny little monster like thing, named Om Nom, with Candy. You have to cut some ropes, and do some other things to drop the candy directly in his mouth.

From the developers,

The little monster Om Nom is hungry and the only thing standing between him and a full belly is you – that is your help cutting the ropes that hold the candy he wants. Swipe your finger across the ropes to release the delicious bundles into his mouth.

Download link for Cut the Rope. [Market link]

5. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation [$6.99]

Modern Combat 3,android Modern Combat 3,Modern Combat 3 android

This is a high-graphic game with a good story to keep up with. You are a soldier and you have to fight with enemies through different missions in the Modern Combat 3 for the freedom of the US.

This really is as its developers say,

The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns with even higher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States, for one or more players.

If a mobile version of MW3(Modern Warfare 3) is ever introduced, this one will probably be the best competent against it.

Download link for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. [Market link]

6. Real Racing 2 [Free]

Real Racing 2,Real Racing 2 android,android Real Racing 2

This is a realistic high-quality-graphic game, in which you have to race different competitors with a choice of 30 high-performance cars, 15 awesome locations, and an immersive Career mode!

From the developers,

Jump behind the wheel in Quick Race mode and challenge 15 competitors to a nail-biting race to the finish – or sink your teeth into a Career race and discover the power of pro circuit racing.

I don’t get that why EA (Real Racing 2’s developers) has made it free as it is a world class game. Get it before they decide to change their mind.

Download link for Real Racing 2. [Market link]

7. Lane Splitter [Free]

Lane Splitter,Lane Splitter android,android Lane Splitter

Get ready to ride a bike at full speed weaving in and out of traffic. This one is a simple game with the motto of going as far as you can on your bike and also getting coins on the way. But the moment you hit a car/truck or the side of the road, you are off from your bike, and bumping on the road. The coins help you to buy stuff like helmets, etc. As you progress and make bigger scores, new riders with their own bikes are also unlocked. Its downloads are enough to attract you towards it, which are above 1 million.

From the developers,

Ride your motorcycle at insane speeds through ever changing traffic. Your reflexes will mean the difference between surviving or crashing in spectacular fashion. Do you have what it takes to reach TOP SPEED?

Download link for Lane Splitter. [Market link]

8. Doodle Jump [$0.99]

doodle jump,doodle jump android,android doodle jump

This one is my personal favorite. No worries, no tension, just keep on jumping, avoiding the obstacles and there is no end until you fall down or hit an obstacle.

From the developers,

Insanely Addictive! Jump, jump, jump to the top, top, top with the runaway hit now on Android! Guide the Doodler on a springy journey using springs, jet packs and more. Avoid baddies and blast them with your nose balls!

Download link for Doodle Jump. [Market link]

9. Reckless Getaway [$1.99]

Reckless Getaway,Reckless Getaway android,android Reckless Getaway

It is a kind of similar to the lane splitter game, but has a different aim. You have to try to escape the cops with your loot, while avoiding the traffic and driving as fast as you could.

From the developers,

Escape with your hard-earned loot and the cops hot at your heels! Who’d a thought robbing the bank would be the easy part?

Download link for Reckless Getaway. [Market link]

10. Where’s My Water? [$0.99]

Where's my water,Where's my water android,android Where's my water

Developed by Disney, this is a simple puzzle game like Cut the Rope. You have to make ways for water to get through to Swampy the Alligator who lives under the city.

From the developers,

Swampy the Alligator lives under the city and yearns for a more human-like existence. He is especially fond of cleanliness. Cranky and the other gators do not take kindly to Swampy’s eccentricities and have conspired to sabotage Swampy’s water supply. Help Swampy by guiding water to his shower to fill up his tub!

Download link for Where’s my water. [Market link]