The Earth At 7 Billion People [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Earth At 7 Billion People [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the exponential rise in human family on the mother planet we have now become 7 billion members, as UN population fund statistics boast. To double the number from 1 billion, our population took 123 years, but according to the estimates, the mark of 8 billion is only 14 years away.

Some would reckon how much do we put on the face of earth for it to carry, but the demographics say that we consume more than we weigh. As calculated by the Masters Degree Online we only weigh .00018% of the earth’s bio mass but eat up 20% of what it has to offer.

Surprising it is, but the ant family constitutes a greater portion of the earth’s biomass than we humans do altogether. Check out the infographic below for more facts and figures like the ones mentioned above.

Note: Open the image in a new tab for full size view.

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[via Discovery]