Technology is slowly evolving around us. Who would have thought that we would be carrying our little computers(smartphones) in our pockets, when a computer of half the power took up a whole room in the 1980s?

samsung display
Although we have not yet got to the stage of which Samsung is talking about, but already the Korean tech giant has started visualizing the future of tablets, or whatever they will be called then. In a video, recently posted by them on YouTube, they give a glimpse of a 3D Flexible, transparent display with AMOLED Screens.

For now, this is only a concept of what the creative folks at Samsung think about the near-feature. During this short clip of 31 seconds a transparent ,flexible ,3D, adjustable-size phone/tablet is used to translate a conversation, order food, and take photos.

Flexible gadgets are not much unknown now, as Nokia showed of a flexible kinetic device at Nokia World in October, which can be twisted to perform an action.

So what do you think of this concept? Will this become a reality anytime soon or not?

[via Engadget]