Samsung Reaches 300 Million Handset Sales For 2011

Samsung Reaches 300 Million Handset Sales For 2011

Who would know that behind all their arguements and lawsuit wars, the smartphone manufacturers would be raking in money. Yes, Samsung, although under siege from Apple’s lawsuits, still got to sell hundreds of millions of handsets. The world’s second largest handset manufacturer said in a statement that it had broken its sales record by the end of last month, selling upto 300 million handsets in the year 2011.

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According to a report by Reuters,

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd said on Sunday its annual mobile handset sales this year had exceeded 300 million units for the first time in the company’s history.

JK Shin, President and Head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, said that,

We look forward to extending this success going into 2012.

Samsung sales have really been sky rocketing. One might have though that, because of the rapid attacks by Apple lawsuits, sales of Samsung handsets  might have slowed down, but it has had near to none effect on its sales as they have reached an all time high of above 280 million handsets.

The most sold handset, is still the Samsung Galaxy S II, which was released back in April 2011. It was the fastest selling Samsung smartphone with 3 million sales in 55 days, and nearly 10 million sales in 3 months. Though, it still not rivaled the sales of Apple’s iPhone 4 or 4S, but still it got the best sales for an Android smartphone.

What do you think, will Samsung handset sales keep increasing to the next year or will they slow down? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.