Patent Reveals: Apple Planning Facial Recognition For The iPad

Patent Reveals: Apple Planning Facial Recognition For The iPad  1

Jealous of your friends, roaming around with Galaxy Nexus or other ICS phones using facial recognition to unlock their smartphones? Well, don’t switch to Android yet, just wait a while to give Apple a chance to get back. And as this patent reveals, Apple is surely looking to bring facial recognition to its iOS devices and the iPad is likely going to be the first one to get that.

Keep reading to know more about facial recognition for iPad.

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The main problem that Apple overlooks every time is that, it does not pay attention to making the iPad a family tablet. Its user interface is entirely for a single user. We hope that it does makes this facial recognition software for its iOS devices capable of dealing with multiple users.

Now to the point, Patently Apple has revealed a patent showing a way that allows for face detection to be used in order for the device to be reconfigured, based on the user that is detected. Wallpapers, icons, and settings could all be changed depending on the user that has been detected using the iPad’s built-in front-facing camera.


So the user interface would be divided without having to log in and out of apps again and again for different people. That is a thing that a company like Apple can do.

The down side to the whole facial recognition thing is that it can be fooled by a picture of the user (who’s face has been saved in the device), as is being reported in the facial recognition software of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich. Though it is not confirmed yet that it can be fooled, but there are multiple reports of it!

So, are you excited about this facial recognition from Apple or not?