And Cydia has chucked out another useful little tweak for us. This time it is not for the home screen of your precious iPhone, but it comes in action inside the settings app. Check out the full details of this tweak called Preference Folders below.

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The main function of this tweak, as you may have guessed by its name, is that it will allow you to make folders inside the settings app. Then you can name the folders as you like. For example, you can put the tweaks in another folder and the other settings in another or leave them out. Or you can even make different folders for mostly used tweaks, while making another folder for tweaks that you don’t use.

This tweak can be found in the BigBoss repo, and will set you back $2. It seems a big amount for a folder-creating-app but, if you have too many tweaks and waste time finding the correct one, then don’t wait, this is really the perfect tweak for you. Just search for Preference Folders and you will find it there.

Setting up this tweak is pretty easy, so it will be no problem. Will you download this tweak, if you do, let us know if it helps you or not!

Note: Your iPhone/iPod Touch must be jailbroken in order to use this tweak.