“Is Google+ A Threat?” Mark Zuckerberg Finally Speaks Out

The social networks gained popularity only a few years ago, and now they have become an essential part of ur lives but no social network has yet had such a success as Facebook. Although some people might say that Twitter is Facebook’s rival, but in real Twitter is a completely different thing. Twitter is a microblogging service while Facebook a social network.

Google Plus Vs Facebook

But since the launch of Google’s much anticipated social network, Google+, it has been rightly known as a direct rival to Facebook. In the starting Google+ got such a popularity that it pulled millions of people to itself in the launch week only, but after that it has been slowly loosing users. The main reason being that it does not provide anything that Facebook does not(except a few like Sparks, Hangouts,Circles) while Facebook has all the stuff they ever shared, played od done, and even their pictures. It has got them tied in.
Now finally, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has given an answer to the question asked by many,

Is Google+ A Threat?

Mark Zuckerberg

The question was met with a wry smile that almost dismissed the question before he’d answered it but thankfully he continued:

Yeah Google’s a great company and I think we want to look at and learn from everything that they do. But at the same time, people have shared a lot on Facebook and have already told a lot of their life story on Facebook. And we think that we have by far better tools for doing that.

So even if Google+ is not succeeding in the social network wars, Zuckerberg is still considering it a threat as Google, even it is failing, is still a pretty big company and folks at Google never claim defeat. Till now, they have had failures too (remember Google Wave) as well as successes, but they have never given up.

What do you think about these Social Network wars? Surely you will be on Facebook, and the chances are that you must have tried Google+. If you have, then let us know that which one is better and why.

[via The Next Web]