iPhone 4 [Again] Catches Fire, But This Time On A Brazilian Plane

iPhone 4 [Again] Catches Fire, But This Time On A Brazilian Plane

While the iPhone is a truly wonderful thing with over 500,000 apps available for it in the App Store and the advanced iOS 5 making it even more better, but it will surely be a shocking experience when your expensive smartphone suddenly begins to burn. Such has happened to two unlucky iPhone users when on board different flights.


The first incident happened a few days ago to an iPhone 4 user, who was on board an Australian flight when suddenly his/her iPhone reportedly started emitting black smoke. Though there was no lasting damage done, the iPhone was certainly not left in working condition.

And the second incident happened to 8 GB iPhone 4 which was just recently launched in Brazil. It was just a foot from its owner’s face when it apparently began to smoulder, a pretty bad sign when you have heard about the previous iPhone incident in Australia.

Anyway, this iPhone is currently under observation with security officers working hard to find the catalyst that could be the reason for an expensive, premium smartphone spontaneously self-combusting.

You might have noticed if you own an iPhone that how much it heats up, especially when you charge it.
Apple has declined to comment on both the cases, but this certainly is a pretty serious issue. I mean how would you feel if your iPhone just starts to burn suddenly during a flight. Not only it will cost you the price of it, but it also creates some serious security issues.

One of the reason we could suggest for this self combustion could be iOS 5. The new heavily customized version of iOS, the iOS 5 is absolutely brilliant with lot of improvements like the Notification Centre, iMessage, etc. But who would buy the iPhone or upgrade to iOS 5 if this is the major downside to it.

Though it is yet unconfirmed of whether these iPhones were running the latest version of iOS or not, but surely they would have been as who would not want to get the latest features provided by the iOS 5.

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