iPad 3 “Home Button” Parts Leaked In China

iPad 3

As 2012 edges nearer and nearer, rumors and other reports of the upcoming iPad 3 are coming with even more pace. Just a few days ago, we published a report about some leaked parts of the iPad 3 and rumors of a 7 inch iPad. Well now, a report has been published which is about the “Home Button” parts of the iPad 3 getting leaked in China.

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As 9to5mac says about the above image,

The above image is a comparison of an iPad 2 home button and an iPad 3 home button. At the surface, not much as changed, but the prospects of some minor structural tweaks do hint at something greater. The iPad 3 home button, which has been handled in both black and white flavors, looks almost identical to the iPad 2 home button. However, the gray glyph representing the frame of a home screen application icon is slightly thicker

So, as they explain, both pics do not have much difference — just a few little tweaks to the new “Home button” of the upcoming iPad 3.

One main thing to observe is that the new button is a little bit smaller than the previous one, so why is Apple making it smaller? Is it for making space for a more pixel-dense Retina Display or is it something else that Apple is planning in its secret labs?

Anyway, if these image of iPad 3 parts are true, then two things are sure,

  • iPad 3 is coming in black and white color variants (just like its predecessor: iPad 2)!
  • The buttons floating around right now-in large quantities-signal that the iPad 3 is either in production or close to the production stage.

So can we see a February 24th (Steve Jobs’s birthday) launch of the much awaited iPad 3 as most blogs are reporting, or not? We will see as we enter into 2012.