We have got good news for all those folks in the United States and Canada. Yes! Google has extended free Gmail calls in the US and Canada by one more year to 2012.

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Anyone who has used it before, or has good knowledge about the popular service knows that Google introduced Google Voice for Gmail in August 2010, promising they will be free in the US and Canada “for the rest of the year.”

Again, Google extended it at the end of 2010, by one more year to 2011. And can you believe it? Google has done it again, it has just announced that free calls in the US and Canada will be again extended by one year to 2012.

Though it is right to say that Google Voice, as Mashable reports,

Originally announced with much fanfare, the popularity of voice calling in Gmail obviously still hasn’t reached the point where Google could start charging for the service, at least domestically.

But in our opinion, it has got enough fans for the company to charge (if only a little) for its Voice Calls service in the US and Canada. It only seems that Google gets enough from its other services, therefore, it wants to keep its users happy and make them so fond of it that they will be ready to pay for it when the time comes.

Anyway, Good luck enjoying the free calls to all the Americans and Canadians as you are in for a treat for one more year. Hope that Google again extends it to 2013 at the end of 2012.