Google Currents Released For iOS And Android; Look Out Flipboard

And what have we here, another Google product? Yes, we really have another Google product to have a fight with its competitor. Folks at Google are simply the most hard working lot in the world, trying to engage themselves in almost everything possible. Just after the amazing reader app for iPad, Flipboard also got released for iPhone, Google came up with its own reader app for iPhone, iPad and Android as well, called Google Currents.

Google Currents logo,Google Currents,Google Currents logo

Although it doesn’t have the brilliant flip features of Flipboard, but it is really good. For one thing, you can scroll up and down instead of flipping over the page to read another article.

Google Currents,google
Another great thing with the Google Currents is that the main article can be swiped to bring another article, while the tiled articles below aren’t affected. So you can easily swipe the main article, and keep the tiles.
Want more? Another great feature for offline reading is that it simply caches the article you want it to, and then the saved article can be read even if internet is not available. So you are not too dependent on your internet connection.

Google Currents

From the App Store,

Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed offline reading

It does do what it says. If you want to have a look of what this app looks like, then go ahead and see the video embedded below.

I have to to say that Flipboard users would have difficulty in using Google Currents as it has a different UI. So they might want to stick to their native app, but Google has really put a lot of work in it to successfully compete against Flipboard. Flipboard will probably have a hard time with Google Currents out their.

Google Currents got the advantage of a brilliant head start, with Google Currents being one of the top 10 trending topics on twitter(Search for #GoogleCurrents), but Flipboard has its readers in bag from a really long time. It all depends on choice of users.

And remember that Google Current is the first version, so if you might encounter a few problems and bugs, be patient. It has a long journey to cover to be completely matured.

Download Google Currents for iPad, iPhone Or iPod Touch. (iTunes link)

Download Google Currents for Android. (Market link)

Which reader app do you use for daily article reading? Flipboard, Google Currents or some other one?

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