Get Apple’s Upcoming iOS 5.1’s Wallpapers Right Now [Download Link]

Get Apple's Upcoming iOS 5.1's Wallpapers Right Now [Download Link]

Apple is known to put a bunch of pretty lovely and brilliant wallpapers in their iOS for iPhone and iPad. The wallpapers in the iOS, are absolutely brilliant and are provided by folks at Apple themselves. But now, we are delighted to tell you, that people at 9to5mac were successful in grabbing the upcoming wallpapers for iOS 5.1 before its official release by Apple.

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As they report, Apple has introduced 4 new wallpapers in iOS 5.1 for each, iPhone and iPad. But, luckily they got hold of them before its release and leaked it for their readers to get hold of them before hand.

Here is what they report,

iOS 5.1 has a little gem for wallpaper fanatics like me: Apple will include four new wallpapers in the iPad version of iOS 5.1 (likely the release launching alongside the iPad 3 next year). The new wallpapers are water crashing onto a sand beach, grass blades, and two ocean wallpapers. These are reminiscent of some of the OS X Lion wallpapers, but scaled to the iPad’s screen size.

So what they have done is that they have shrunk the wallpapers they got hold of for the perfect size for iPad and iPhone and leaked them on their site.

Here are the download links for all those wallpapers,

Downloads: iPad (1234), iPhone (12, 34)