Get A Glassy Blurry Background Effect For Your Notification Center [Cydia Tweak]

Get A Glassy Blurry Background Effect For Your Notification Center [Cydia Tweak] 1

Notification Center has been one of the main new features of iOS 5. As with it, iOS 5 users can handle their notifications with it, instead of receiving annoying notification popups. Another thing Notification Center has been attracting is a lot of Cydia Tweaks, which have been taking advantage of it making it more useful and wonderful. And yes, we have found a great Cydia Tweak for your Notification Center which will enable you to change its background to a glassy blur. Check the whole details given below.

Cydia Tweak

With this tweak, you will be able to get rid of that dull lined background affect that Apple chose for a default. So you ready for a change? If you are then proceed further to check his little tweak out.

This tweak called, BlurriedNCBackground allows you to get rid of that dull background of the Notification Center, and also add a blurry effect to your Notification Center. It is very easy, just download it via Cydia(it resides in the default BigBoss repo), and run it.

BlurriedNCBackground-iPhone-4,iphone 4,iphone,apple iphone

You will be given some options which will allow you to change how blurry you want to make the Home Screen which will now show through the newly-transparent Notification Center. Just that, and you have a new background for your Notification Center.

You might notice that the Notification Center loads a little bit slowly with this tweak in action, but that is really not a big price to pay to get a change of background of your Notification Centre.

Note: Your iOS device must be jailbroken in order to use this tweak.