Facebook Threatens To Sue Israeli ‘Mark Zuckerberg’

Facebook Threatens To Sue Israeli 'Mark Zuckerberg'

What is more public than Facebook these days, and to grab more publicity fan page with thousands of likes is too in these days. But here we present the story of an Israeli entrepreneur who chalked out a different path.

An entrepreneur, who was named as Rotem Guez, legally changed it to Mark Zuckerberg, thus using and not using Facebook for his publicity at the same time. Mark Zuckerberg II owns a website called MarkZuckerbergOfficial.com, according to which Zuckerberg II (the newly named one) had filed a suit against Facebook after the company shut its profile down and did not provide him access to it.

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Zuckerberg II co-founded and owns asocial marketing company called Like Store which sells “likes” for Facebook pages. Their site boasts that they can sell as many likes for one’s companies’ brand page as they wish.

Are you sad no one’s visiting your Facebook Page? We have a solution! Need 1,000 Likes? We’ll get them for you. Need 5,000 Likes? We’ll get them for you. Need 10,000 Likes? We’ll get them for you.

The company violates the terms and conditions of Facebook by selling likes to brands. Facebook’s law firm Perkin’s Coie took notice of the issue and threatened Zuckerberg to shut his company down and never return to the social network or they will file a law suit against him.

The newly named Zuckerberg had his name officially changed on seventh of December, and he is interested in changing the names of his family accordingly as well. A week after that Facebook threatened him again not knowing that they were dealing with someone having the same name as their founder now. Nevertheless, the thing “Facebook sues Zuckerberg” sounds funny yet interesting. Even most of the readers might have clicked “read” after being caught by surprise with the tag line.

No matter how illegal ways he is following, it seems he has bagged much of the publicity he wanted. Confident enough, he has also started a campaign for his new façade and made relevant pages and id’s on Facebook, twitter etc. giving a message that he is quite prepared to wade the social media with his new identity.