Facebook Does Not Affect College Students’ GPA Much [STUDY]

Facebook Does Not Affect College Students' GPA Much [STUDY]

Our very first impression about someone really active on social networking website is: he aint no good at school. In fact most of the times, students, deeming their addiction to Facebook being the sole reason for their bad grades, deactivate their profiles during exams. Some even go to the extent of trusting a friend with their profile passwords.

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Obviously, if you spend the active hours of your day, poking your friends, stalking profiles and checking every update on ticker, the aftermath is unpleasant for your transcripts. But a recent study to check whether the use of social networking websites has any effect on our brains proves our skepticism to be negative.

The researchers have produced a comprehensive infographic and prove through statistical analysis that an average Facebook user spends about a couple of hours “reading” it. Spending quite a few of them more than the average would only affect GPA up to 0.12 points. Thus the scores in school only depend on one’s performance in studies rather than socializing in the cyber world.

Even then we would suggest: don’t make the research an excuse not to study.

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[via OnlineEducation.net]