Facebook Beats All Other Apps On Android, Even The Ones Offered by Google

Facebook Beats All Other Apps On Android, Even The Ones Offered by Google 1

According to a recent study by Nielsen, Facebook is now the  most popular app on Android in all age groups. Even the apps offered by Google itself are not able to compete with Facebook(ignore Android Market).

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Nielsen did a survey on the most popular apps for Android, and found out that Facebook has been the most downloaded and the most used app since the past 30 days, except the Android Market itself. Meanwhile the closest to Facebook were Google Search and Gmail.

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As you can see in the above image, Facebook topped in all groups except the last one with Gmail tying with it. While in the 18-24 age group, it was used 3% more than Google Search. In the 25-34 age category, it was top with only a 1% difference and as we mentioned above, it tied with Gmail in the 35-44 age group.

The same study was conducted in July, when Facebook was the third most popular app in terms of usage. It looks like Facebook’s users are increasing day by day. Even middle aged persons are paying more interest to it then other things like Mail or search, etc.

As far as others apps are concerned, there are games which are ofcourse played everyday like Angry Birds and Words With Friends. Even other Google apps like Google Maps and YouTube are apps of every day use. While another thing after Facebook, that surprised us was that the Amazon App Store also made it to the top 15 popular app study conducted by Nielsen.

Download link of Facebook For Android.

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