Bring N9-like Swipe Multitasking Gestures To The iPhone With Zephyr [Cydia Tweak]

Bring N9-like Swipe Multitasking Gestures To The iPhone With Zephyr [Cydia Tweak]

With the help of another famous developer and hacker, Grant Paul (more commonly known as Chpwn, Cydia is now house to another great gesture based tweak, which is ready to be downloaded by you. Keep on reading to know more about Zephyr.

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Chpwn, who had been teasing about an upcoming tweak since the past few days has finally unveiled his N9-like swipe multitasking gesture tweak.

Zephyr(strange name for a tweak) allows you to multitask between apps with swiping gestures. You can multitask with Zephyr by two ways,

  • Swiping up from the bottom, which brings up the multitasking bar that ususally comes up when you double tap the home button. But with this tweak, there is no need of double tapping the home button so you can simply swipe up to make it appear. This multitasking bar can be brought up by swiping, even if you are inside an app.
  • Swiping from left to right or right to left from the edge when inside an app. This also acts like a multitasking gesture by sending you to the next running app as you swipe.

The great thing about this tweak is that it is a lot smoother than any other multitasking tweak out there. When installed, it will seem like it has been installed by Apple in the iOS as default.

And the other brilliant thing Chpwn has done is that he has disabled the tweak when your iPhone/iPod Touch is in the landscape mode. So you won’t end up opening up the multitasking bar when playing fruit ninja!

You can see this tweak in action in the video below:

As shown in the video, this tweak will have more gestures added to it so you won’t be getting bored with only two things this app can do. And Chpwn is a well known developer, on whom you can lay your trust on.

Zephyr is available now on the Cydia store for the iPhone and iPod Touch at a price of $2.99. It’s price might seem a bit hefty, but when you look at all the hard work Chpwn has put in it, than this tweak really deserves 3 bucks from your pocket.

Alongside the Spire project, Chpwn had also been working hard on this one, so he really deserves to be praised for it. If you are on twitter, drop a tweet to him thanking him on his twitter account.