Around 700,000 Android Devices Are Activated Daily

Around 700,000 Android Devices Are Activated Daily

It was a long time ago when Google introduced the first and only Android device.It has become the most popular and used OS with nearly 56 percent shares according to a recent report. And now, around 700,000 Android devices are known to be activated on a daily basis, as said by the Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google. Keep on reading for more info.

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According to Andy, Android has surpassed over 700,000 Android devices activation everyday. (The devices that only connect through Wi-Fi or have been running on multiple custom ROMs have not been mentioned, so that number could be a lot bigger than Rubin says)

Just today, he shared via his Google+ profile that,

There are now over 700,000 Android devices activated every day

That is a lot bigger amount than one can guess. As considering the previous figures, Android had around 400,000 daily activations in the month of May, 500,000 in June while 550,000 activations in the July. If it continues at the rate, then surely in a matter of months, Google’s Android will easily be the best choice for smartphone OS, and would easily beat other OSs like the Windows Phone and iOS.

2011 has really been a golden year for Android, as Android activations have increased at the speed of light, and has been increasing its shares very quickly, outclassing other smartphone OSs.