Apple’s Products Through The Film History Since 1984 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Apple's Products Through The Film History Since 1984 [INFOGRAPHIC] 1

Apple’s products were a big hit even at the time of their launch. Despite a few glitches and being a small company of a bunch of men working alone on the Macintosh, still they managed to have a huge impact on the technology market. Since the launch of the Macintosh in 1984, products have been making consecutive appearance in the films throughout the film industry.

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Apple has been quite a good partner of Hollywood, so its products have been included in a lot of films, from Star Trek IV to Mission: Impossible to Legally Blonde to The Kids Are Alright. That is called “another way of having your tech publicised”. And now, “AnyClip” has put forward a whole infographic of the products of Apple making appearances in the film industry since 1984 to the present.

AnyClip also put forward a ratio of Apple appearances to all tagged products in a film. According to them, in that great action film, Transformers, Apple products accounted for just 1% of product appearances, despite being on screen for nearly six minutes in the film. In other films, like 1998′s You’ve Got Mail, Apple accounted for 33% of all product appearances.

The main thing which attracts attention to Apple products, according to Mashable is,

The iconic, glowing Apple logo makes Apple products harder to miss.

Lets have a look at the infographic put forward by AnyClip.

apple infographic

Note: The infographic has been edited by us as there was a mistake in the iPod Nano part, where a picture of iPod Touch was inserted in the place of iPod Nano.