Apple’s App Store Now Worth More Than The Whole RIM?

Apple's App Store Now Worth More Than The Whole RIM? 1

2011 has certainly been a disastrous year for Research In Motion. What with Android and iOS taking its shares and then the BlackBerry service outage in different parts of the world, RIM (if it survives longer) will not be able to easily forget this year. Though RIM did suffer a lot, but still many people will be simply astounded to hear that RIM has plummeted so low that Apple’s App Store alone, is worth more than the whole RIM.

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Author Brian S. Hall noted that RIM stock at a price of $13.44 finished last week at a total value of just $7.04 billion. That’s less than the $7.08 billion that Apple’s App Store is estimated to be worth.

According to Hall,

The App Store is probably worth more than BlackBerry. All of BlackBerry. Just the App Store. Nothing else. Not the iPhone or iPod. Not Mac. Just the App Store.

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The main reason for BlackBerry is meeting such a decline in its revenue is the BlackBerry Playbook, of which 150,000 remain unsold and were a major blow to the company. While another reason might be the delay of BlackBerry 10 devices, which have been delayed until the 3rd quarter of 2012. Again bad luck for it, as the BlackBerry 10 OS is expected to be the last hope of the company, which can revive RIM and save it from an early end. With that delayed, chances of RIM’s survival are even more lowered.

And considering that Apple’s iTunes Store and App Store reportedly cost as much as $1.3 billion a year to operate, and has a total value of an estimated $7.08 billion, and RIM finished last week at a total value of just $7.04 billion, it doesn’t look like it can survive much in this state.

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