Apple To Launch 7.85-inch iPad In 2012 [REPORT]

Apple To Launch 7.85-inch iPad In 2012 [REPORT] 1

Another iPad 3 rumor? Yes we have just heard another rumor of the next generation iPad, the iPad 3(possibly). Just a day ago, Cydia Blog reported that a new replacement part (significantly different than the iPad 2) for iPad 3 Microphone Mic Flex Cable Ribbon has just emerged on Chinese iPhone parts reseller website, TVC-Mall.

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As they report,

The new part, when compared with iPad 2, shows a different arrangement in internal circuitry, hinting a major re-design. The tail end of the part makes a “U-turn”, whereas the iPad 2′s Microphone Mic Flex Cable makes almost 90-degree turn both ways. Except for few details, the leaked part so far doesn’t offer a tantalizing tease.

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So according to them, iPad 3 can be more different than the iPad 2 than we expect. Still leaked parts are not a big deal as since a long time, different blogs claim to have parts of unreleased products.

Meanwhile, another solid news we got is that the next iPad from the tech giant, Apple, would probably be a 7.85 inch one.

This time, this report comes from the folks over at DigiTimes,

Apple is likely to launch a 7.85-inch iPad prior to the fourth quarter of 2012 in addition to a new iPad scheduled to be released at the end of the first quarter, according to sources in the supply chain.

They believe that Apple has already ordered parts for this 7.85 inch tablet, from LG Display and AU Optronics. Now the question that arises is, were those ordered parts same as the ones that were leaked through the Chinese blog, TVC-Mall?

A smaller tablet is not a new thing now, since the great success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. But would Apple be looking to follow Amazon’s strategy for a smaller and cheaper tablet, or would it keep following its premium 9.7 inch, expensive iPad lineup?

We have solid reasons for both of the possibilities.

Why it would?

Apple would be looking to release a cheaper and smaller iPad to keep the Kindle Fire and other Android tablets at bay.

Why it wouldn’t?

Apple would not release a smaller and cheaper iPad, because it believes in the quality, power and comfort for users. Therefore, it would keep its iPad’s quality and power better, so if people go for it, they would be sure to love it.

What do you think, would Apple release an 8 inch iPad or not?