“Android, A Failure Like Apple III And Lisa?”, Says Steve Wozniak

Remember everyone’s cool favorite geek, Steve Wozniak? The cool man, that everone knows about. And being an Apple co-founder, one would think that he would hate Android, as it is considered a copy of iOS. But, he is not that type, he loves Android as well, and was one of the first to receive his shiny new Galaxy Nexus, as well as an Android 4.0 shirt as a gift. Although he loved it, but he is now reportedly saying that Android is a failure just like Apple III and Lisa.

You can read the whole story after this pic of Woz receiving his Galaxy Nexus,

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Steve Wozniak was in India last week and while giving an interview to Sunday MIDDAY, he said that today’s smartphones(Android ofcourse) were a failures just like the Apple III and Lisa, and even Macintosh and that folks at Apple only made the Macintosh great by modifying it hugely.

He further explained it,

The Apple III was a failure, the LISA was a failure, and the Macintosh was a failure. It was only by modifying the Macintosh hugely and over time that we made it a good computer.

If the guys at Apple had built the machine that they would love, it would have been successful. It came instead from formulas from Apple executives.

Marketing people were in charge and some very bad decisions got made, in my opinion. There were hardware failures. You put out a product that has failures right away, and even if you fix it a year later, it just doesn’t sell. It’s the same thing with any smartphone today. It comes out and it has something horribly wrong about it. You can fix everything wrong about it, and it still won’t sell. It has missed its window of opportunity.

Wozniak also said some stuff about the reason behind the success of Apple II,

Steve Jobs had a large part to play in it, and he knew where he wanted to go with it. It was an excellent product. Steve Jobs sought the best things in the world. He knew that I was the best designer, and that Apple II was the best computer, and that’s why he wanted both.

The problem with Android according to Wozniak is that, for every Android phone, the OS running it has to be modified. I mean, they all have some different specs, so the software has to be tweaked, even if a little bit. Now you look at the Android 4.0 running on the Galaxy Nexus, and then the Galaxy S II, running on Android 4.0. You’ll surely find a difference.

While all the Apple stuff has almost same OS running on them. All the iPhones are same in terms of OS, and even if you compare iOS 5 for iPhone, and iOS 5 for iPad, you’ll not find many differences.

Got it? That is the reason behind Wozniak saying that Android is a failure.

Steve Wozniak is pretty cool, and experienced technology geek, and knows a great deal about Steve Jobs. And as Jobs was the man behind Apple leading them to this stage as the biggest company in the world, so I think that Android manufacturers must learn something from him.

[via Mac World]

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