Top 10 Worst Video Games Of All Time

Top 10 Worst Video Games Of All Time

It is never easy to get into a top ten list, no matter if for all the bad reasons. Listed below is the Top 10 list of computer games that have proven to be the worst in terms of idea, execution and the way they made gamer’s life miserable.

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10. Irritating Stick

Well, in my opinion, the only good thing about this game is its name. Its developer’s honesty is quite evident from their choice of name as it speaks for itself. But as it appears the game is not only irritating, it is practically terrible. With its “irritating” graphics and other “irritating” stuff, it is “irritating” to the extent that if bought one would not like to get back to it in a single lifetime at least.

9. Club Drive

Having all types of gameplay elements but confusing hindrances, it seems as if the code of the game is a modified version of Dolphin Adventures in Tuna Nets. Most of the missions require you to collect glowing balls of strings while to drive through a messy room. Going from under the legs of a chair or from within the walls is all acceptable, it will speed up your mission in spite of the fact that pace is something the game doesn’t care about. But this doesn’t happen all the time. Some walls happen to shun their magical tunnel like role sometimes and behave like real walls or you find your car stuck in the couch for eternity.

The game seems like challenging laws of physics for instance, according to the law of inertia (not really sure but guess there is some relation at least), if a remote controlled car dives off from a height on to the road it is expected to bounce or shatter, but not in this game interestingly. In fact Club Drive has its own laws according to which when a car dives, it levitate into the air, flies around for a while, flips back onto its wheels and gets on to the road or floor gradually.

Graphics are rather more confusing. There are no landscapes as such, just some colors and thus one isn’t sure about which way to choose. One might end up covering miles in the wrong direction all because of a crash or a yank of the wheels.

Playing around with the physics makes gaming world interesting. But the developers of this game don’t seem to be confused about the consequences of two things bumping into each other.

8. Super Columbine Massacre RPG

Games are inspired by real life adventures. This one is about a horrific violent act of two frustrated teenagers took place a decade ago.

This game is inspired from the Erric Haris and Dyland Klebold’s horrific act at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Most of the games content is derived from the exposed video of the event, the diaries two boys and some media figures are quoted at a many places as well. The advancements in game show that the developer tried hard to keep the reality feature intact. The after suicidal adventures in hell seem to be the only creativity.

Like some other criminal scenes reproduced games developers, this Super Columbian Massacre RPG claims exalted aims of its reproduction as well. On his illegible looking badly colorized web site the creator eulogizes his creation as being more than just demanding button pushing and map searching exercise. He said that this game calls the players for introspect the created situations.

As the site is still up, it might have some good features to its credit but the one word description of the game is: AWFULL.

7. Pac-Man (Atari)

Unlike the arcade version of maze games, the unfortunate version under discussion here is Atari version. As the conventional games belonging to this family, it offers the player a challenge to manipulate the character with a joystick to make him traverse the maze, find the resources while avoiding four ghosts in the way.

Atari had presented the challenge of developing this game to Tod Frye, in a small amount of time with limited memory. The technical differences between arcade and Atari 2600 speak about the intensity of challenges faced by Frye.

Atari had expected a good business out of it, but out all the 12 million units produce, only 7 million got sold out with a large number returned back to the company.

6. Superman (Nintendo)

This game based on the famous animated series: Superman is built on the plot that Lex: superman’s enemy, after building a virtual metropolis has trapped superman’s friends into it. Superman enters the inter dimensional portal where he is challenged by Lex Luthur to fly through the maze of rings spread over the metropolis to buy his friends’ freedom.

Some other enemies are also there such as Parasite and Brainiac.

Due to the over responsive controls, unresponsive flight controls requiring multiple button presses and monotonous gameplay, the game is known to receive negative reviews and is considered to be the worst game of all the times.

The critics had mainly pin pointed its unnecessary, repetitive and confusing targets to be achieved in insufficient time limits leaving no room for mistakes. Poor graphics and controls also played their role in lowering the ratings. Listed as the worst game of all time by GameTrailers, the worst game on a Nintendo platform by Nintendo Power,and as the worst comic book video game adaptation in history by GameSpy and Game Revolution panning the game for its atrocious set-up, gameplay, and graphics.

5. RoboCop

One of the scrolling shooting games released for sixth generation of gaming consoles and GameBoy Advance, allows a player to have the authority of a RoboCop who can capture, attack, or destroy hostile characters as to search for evidences against sinister plots.

Though sounds thrilling but it bagged mostly negative comments and rating as low as 2.2/10 by Gamespot, 2/5 by Gamerfeed, 2/10 by XBN magazine and 3/10 by NTSC United Kingdom. It was declared as “the worst game since superman 64” by Gamereactor; Scandinavian magazine.

4. Jurassic Park (Sega)

After record breaking business by the book and then a featured movie, its adaption as a game was supposed to be a great success but we witnessed otherwise. The game resembled the story only by its name or may be the jungle, but the plot and patterns followed by the game coders was quite different.

Game is about bringing Dr.Grant who is standing somewhere in the jungle with some darts and some grenades, to his destination. All the player needs to do is some hopping, jumping around and avoid creatures to while not letting the life bar to get drained off completely. Other challenge you may face is a big dinosaur who is taken care of by a single grenade, or a baby raptor, and there you are; successfully accomplished first level. Subsequent levels have the different challenges but fail to break the monotony and arouse excitement.

Thus the game, failing to satisfy all the expectations, could not come even close to the mark which the movie created itself.

3. Custer’s Revenge

Built for Atari 2600, the game features nudity and sex. Being General Custer, you have to pave his way, while avoiding arrows to get tied-up, Native American Women and rape her..

As expected, the game faced opposition from women’s rights group and was sued for it. Thus it is labeled as the worst video game ever made.

2. Shaq Fu (Sega)

This one is considered to be worst conceived game to come out on any platform. The story line is quite detestable. The game takes you to Tokyo where you are discovered by a karate master as the savior of the world followed by an intolerable fight. Controls are confusing, you can never figure out what controls would do what move for you. The best possibility is to push blindly and watch the objects moving on the screen as you do so, you may get lucky enough to avoid all the objects thrown by your enemy and win yourself a level with apparently two kicks, one high and other one low. And if lost, the penalty comes in the form of eighty dialogues from the enemy, which is more irritating than the story with which the journey started off. The name does suggest how bad it would be, but only after playing for once you can discover it is eligible to be described as the worst!!

1. Extra Terrestrial (Atari)

Inquire gamers about the worst games, and the reply you will get the most is this one. With their ill planned and unbridled optimism, its creators were successful, but only in ruining the one-two punch of the year’s highest rated movie. Atari’s then parent company; Warner Communications had ventured to adopt a movie in the year of 1982 as a game for getting the stock out for Christmas. Due to time limitations, the developer was given only five weeks’ time to build the code and graphics etc.

Expecting good sales, Atari produced 4 million cartridges but all went in vain. Criticism was on the pits, E.T would unexpectedly fall into and then rise while keeping the game quite monotonously repetitive.

In fact, most of the comments are unmentionable except one i.e. “Famously bad”.

Only about forty percent of cartridges got sold leaving Atari in Bankruptcy. Not ending here, the sold one’s were also mostly returned to the company who dumped them all into a landfill in Alamogordo, new Maxico. The company was criticized for this act of theirs and faced legislations from city officials.