The Math Behind The Working Of Angry Birds

We have all played one of the most popular games, Angry Birds, but do you know how the game works? How with just one tap you can change the speed of the projectile? How with just one tap you can cluster the projectile into three different projectiles each with its own angular/rectangular velocity and displacement?

Most of us do not actually have that much freaking time. We are probably working or studying something that will actually help us in the future. But one GEEK had that time and he probably invested it for this purpose.

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WIRED’S Rhett Allain has taken up the project of finding and plotting the velocities of the projectile birds with respect to time. His feelings about this project are:

But what about the physics? Do the birds have a constant vertical acceleration? Do they have constant horizontal velocity? Let’s find out, shall we? Oh, why would I do this? Why can’t I just play the dumb game and move on? That is not how I roll. I will analyze this, and you can’t stop me.

Well surely he seems pretty convinced and passionate about his work.

video games,gaming,angry birds,angry birds working,maths,angry birds maths

Just to check, let me make a plot of the magnitude of the velocity right before the tap vs. the acceleration during the tap. Oh, it looks like all of the shots have the yellow bird accelerating (due to the tap) for 0.067 seconds. Of course this acceleration could just be due to the screen capture frame rate.

It doesn’t look like there is a simple relationship here. It also doesn’t look like the tap-acceleration is constant. The magnitude of this acceleration ranged from 124 m/s2 to 336 m/s2.

Well if you are also one of Rhett Allain’s type you can visit and also take part in the project that Mr. Allain has started.

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