The Detonator: A Huge Science Fiction Electric Motorcycle

Boasting the tagline of “If you can dream it, we can build it”, Parker Brother Choppers have to their credit so far; the replica of Torn Light Cycle as well as an advanced version of Green Machine.

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The year for them is been good so far with a reality TV show being premiered on SyFy network and both their babies making their way into the very famous Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue ; the Green Machine as well as the Light Cycle.

The new venture of Parker Brothers is to realize the imagination of Daniel Simon: former designer at VW as well as the dreamer who visioned Light Cycles for Tron: Legacy. They are now taking Christmas orders for all new all, electric bikes by Daniel which are similar to the Tron Light Cycle ones.

It is called the “Detonator concept” with awe striking features from 30 inch front wheels to 27 inch rear wheel in the hub of which is a 96 volt electric motor. The bike is powered by lithium ion batteries which charge it to the fullest in just sixty minutes when plugged into a 110 volt outlet. The manufacturers boast the bike to have the capacity of covering 80-100 miles when fully charged with maximum speed of 120 mph.

According to one of the officials, this 11.5 feet long bike is does not offer an easy drive but is still ride able with a fast pace and a heavy wallet. The Detonator is open to sale for customers hailing from United States, Europe and Saudi Kingdom for a smart price of $100,000.

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