Kinect 2 Will Read Lips And Track Emotions [REPORT]

Kinect 2 Will Read Lips And Track Emotions [REPORT]

From selling ten million units in the first two months of its release and becoming the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all the time, to bringing up Xbox 360 at the top most level of being popular gaming portal, Microsoft’s Kinect has been an unquestionable and unprecedented success.

Rumors have now taken over its supposed successor, and it they turn out to be true, we can expect to witness Microsoft breaking its own records.

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An online speculator: expects that successor will improve by leaps and bounds, and would probably be able to read the lips as well as sense the mood through its advanced hardware.

The Kinect 2 will be able to sense gestures and interacts with the environment.

Being a USB based device, Kinect’s depth sensor had an artificial limit of 30 FPS whereas its resolution is just 320×240. Kinect 2(supposed name) is expected to have improved hardware, is expected to release in 2013.

The report on Euroqamer says that it will be enabled to discriminate between various pitches of the users’ speech and thus recognize their sound along with acknowledging facial expressions.

The rumors about the anticipated gaming device is spreading like wildfire, while Microsoft itself is refraining to comment on it, and as it seems the idea won’t be a reality till over a year.

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