Iran Imposes A Ban On Battlefield 3

Iran Imposes A Ban On Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 has been another major hit from EA and DICE in the gaming market. Although it lagged behind MW3’s 6.5 million sales on the first day alone, but it still managed to sell a whopping 5 million Battlefield 3 units in the first week of its release. But now, it seems like EA and Dice would be disappointed a little (if not much) as Iran has banned Battlefield 3.

BattleField 3

Now selling or buying Battlefield 3 in Iran has been made illegal. Although, EA had no official retailer in Iran, but still pirated copies were sold all across Iran, but after some raids being conducted on these illegal sellers before the ban had even been made public, now no seller is known to be selling Battlefield 3 . Neither EA nor DICE would be troubled with Iran banning their big hit, as they had enough success in the UK and USA alone, but surely if you ban a product in any country, the manufacturer does feel like a bit let down. The main reason behind this ban is ofcourse, as anybody who has played Battlefield 3 knows, the focus of the game on displaying Iran as a terrorist(occupied) country.

But afterall its a game, nothing real or all that so why ban the youth from playing a game? Banning such a thing might be an attempt to brainwash the nation, or it even might be an attempt to keep their respect and prevent the making of a bad image in the minds of the Iranian nation against the Iranian government.

What do you think, was this decission by Iran right or not? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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