Gone are those days when one needed to buy a digital camera for hobby-ing photography, high resolution smartphone cameras are now “in” to go for that.

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The demographics of Flicker, being the top online photo sharing spot with over 50 million users and 6 billion photos uploads till date, show that iPhone 4S gets the popular choice award for catching storable moments. It is the best measure of a camera’s popularity, as it knows from the EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) of the photo, about the camera it was snapped from.

iphone 4s,camera,flickr,iphone,latest iphone news,iPhone 4S camera

The newly released iPhone 4S’s 8mp camera is reported to capture sharper images. Offering 60% higher image resolution than its predecessor, is best able to capture high color sharp images in low light situations. Surpassing 3G, 3GS and HTC Evo, it has become the second most used camera according to flicker and has replaced point-to-shoot cameras as promised by the Apple co.

iPhone 4 tops the runs ahead of the 4S which got the title of being the most popular camera on flicker earlier this year.

Much criticism has been faced by Apple for lagging behind others in the race of camera resolution, and releasing a phone with 3.2 mp and 5mp while having 5mp and 8mp in the competition. But iPhone still holds the top three slots in popularity graph of flicker.

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