iOS And Android Devices Account For 60% Of Mobile Gaming Market

iOS And Android Devices Account For 60% Of Mobile Gaming Market

A statistics recording company, Flurry, has revealed that smartphones and tablets are taking over the mobile gaming market in the U.S. leaving behind PSPs as well as Nintendo’s popular DS.

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The games which were available on popular handheld gaming consoles such as the PSP and DS or even the old Sega’s Game gear are no more exclusive and are also available now for purchase on the iTunes as well as Android’s App market. This might be the reason as to why most gamers are choosing their smartphones over consoles for their gaming needs when they are on the go.

Another reason contributing to the above factor is the level of graphics and playability that iOS and Android devices are offering. It would not be wrong to say that the gaming experience offered on smartphones is very much comparable to that offered on portable gaming consoles — and sometimes it is even better.

The figure as calculated by Flurry says that 58% of portable gaming market share goes to smartphones where as the rest goes to handheld gaming devices — it was 34% in 2010 and 19% in the year 2009.

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Meanwhile, in their battle for regenerating themselves to the top companies like Nintendo and Sony are taking keen measures and are introducing new devices which do have a certain edge over smartphones.

The most recent release was Nintendo’s 3DS that has the ability to play movies and games in 3D without the need for special glasses, something not achievable on smartphones as yet.

Another effort to retain the top spot comes from Sony with their announcement of PSP Vita; a next generation portable console able to display game depths as found in Sony’s popular PS 3 console. However, the excitement and the buzz once associated with such a release are not so visible nowadays and maybe consoles are losing it.

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