iOS 5 Causing Some Users To Lose WiFi Connectivity

iOS 5 Causing Some Users To Lose WiFi Connectivity

The users of the newly launched iOS 5 appear to be facing some problems.  Alongside the loss of battery performance, the mobile operating system is bearing the blame for a lot of inconvenience caused to its users.

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Another major problem with the software is its wireless connectivity. Devices with iOS 5 face difficulty in connecting to Wi-Fi networks, and if they do somehow, the connection is too flakey that it keeps on dropping the signals.

The Wi-Fi problem, as it happened with the battery one, is common to all the ‘i’ products having upgraded or launched with iOS 5 and not the latest iPhone 4S alone.

The chances of the problem being caused by hardware were ruled out when a user proved it. He observed that Wi-Fi connectivity issues were resolved by reverting back to older version of the software i.e iOS 4.3. Upgrading the system again to iOS 5 brought the issues back, thus iOS 5 is proven to be the culprit. The verdict has been proved by the troubleshooting software as well.

To address the battery drainage issues, Apple recently released iOS 5.0.1 which could not come up to the expectations of many users.

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