HTC Overtakes Apple As Top Smartphone Vendor In United States

HTC Overtakes Apple As Top Smartphone Vendor In United States

According to the financial reports of Q3 of 2011, hTC has become the top smartphone vendor in the United States in terms of shipments overtaking Apple as well Samsung Electronics. About 5.7 million devices were shipped by hTC under its own name and about 70,000 devices were shipped under the T-Mobile brand.

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Samsung was able to clinch the second spot with 4.9 million shipments while Apple reserved the third spot with 4.6 million shipments of their devices.

Nevertheless, Samsung’s glowing success is limited to second spot in the United States only. It has left behind Nokia, RIM as well as Apple to become the number one smartphone vendor in APAC, Western Europe and the Latin American regions or if we simply put it the World all over with about 27.3 million shipments in just the third quarter with its market share rising to about 23 percent.

The third quarter was not a successful one for Apple. The cause to this low performance might be because of the fact that people might have been waiting for the release of the new iPhone. With the newest model now released, Apple might just bounce back to the top spot in the fourth financial quarter.

The war for becoming the top smartphone vendor will go on as each vendor is introducing new features to claim that top-spot. Technologies like SIRI are really luring the customers towards the phones and with fight getting intense; all we can do is enjoy the new features that besides helping us contribute a lot for the sales.